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I have been in the SEO space for more than 12 years and have helped more than 500 companies to grow their business.

Beginners SEO Training

seo training in nepal - first batch

Our SEO Specialization training is designed to help beginners and students to get their first SEO job. If you are considering a career switch you can also join this SEO Training. 

Get started with our three-months Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training and unlock endless career opportunities. From the basics to advanced strategies, we’ve got you covered.

Unlock your SEO future with a 20% discount – Enroll today!
seo training in nepal - first batch

Goals of this course

Help our trainees to land their first SEO job

Teach SEO

160+ SEO lessons to help our students understand all the ins and outs of SEO.

Get them hired

40+ partner agencies ready to offer them their first SEO job.

Prepare for real market

100+ practical assignments to test their knowledge and it's outcome in real-time.

Bhuvan Paudel
Bhuvan Paudel
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The training helped me develop the right mindset to SEO, in-depth technical knowledge and networking to SEO masterminds. Thank you Rambabu Thapa and Orka Socials team for this great opportunity.

Featured Courses

Advanced SEO Training for Professionals

After receiving numerous requests from community members who had taken my previous SEO training courses, I decided to create an Advanced SEO Training course with the help of my team members. This course is designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term success online. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO professional or just starting out, our expert instructors will guide you through the latest SEO strategies and techniques, providing hands-on training and real-world examples to ensure that you can apply what you learn to your own website or business.

Enroll today and take the first step towards becoming an SEO expert!

Rambabu Thapa - SEO Trainer

Orka Socials SEO Mini Series - Facebook

This course aimed to help people get work-from-home opportunities during the Covid-19 lockdown. This course is proven to help beginners to understand core SEO concepts and start their career in SEO.  So far 2000+ people have joined this course and started their SEO career. 

20 Day SEO Training Challenge - YouTube

I saw many beginners struggling to get an internship. Companies were offering them unpaid internships because they didn’t have valuable skills. So I recorded this course to help students learn some skills to get paid internship opportunities. I shared this course via my YouTube Channel.

What they say about the courses

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As a beginner, I went to some tutorials online on SEO. Still lacked on its implementation. Then suddenly "Orka Socials" came up like a blessing that also has its Facebook group that contains SEO mini-series. Orka Socials provided me with the perfect SEO Training. I came up with the specialized knowledge that is taking action. It's the Best Digital marketing company in Kathmandu for me who taught taking an action and now I am confident in using the tools and learning more from here. Just give it a go at Orka socials its worth any penny and thanks to them for supporting me and other folks out there for learning better SEO.
Anish Shrestha SEO Course Testimonial
Anish Shrestha
The mini series about online SEO training was worth taking. I can't be more thankful in my entire life. Thank You so much the very qualitative content. It has even helped me take a correct direction in my career.
Srijana Bhusal
I was looking for Best SEO Training in town and got to know Okra Socials is providing free SEO Mini Series. I loved every course video and learned a lot throughout this journey. Thank you Rambabu Sir for making this happen in such a friendly and informative way.
Bishal Sapkota SEO Student
Bishal Sapkota
Thank you for introducing me to the online SEO training mini series. This helped me sharpen my skills during lockdown and also helped me understand deeply about how SEO works. You provide value to your content like no other.
Kshitij Thapa SEO Learner
Kshitij Thapa
I joined SEO Training provided by Orka Social. Training was quite helpful for me! Our trainer Mr. Rambabu is very friendly & informative! Highly Recommended!
Sujan Maharjan Local SEO Specialist
Sujan Maharjan
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