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Advanced SEO Training in Nepal goes beyond the simple act of placing keywords on your webpage. This specialized training program is designed to uncover all the secrets and advanced techniques, empowering you with a deep understanding of SEO strategies.

Who is this Advanced SEO Course for?

Our Advanced SEO Course is designed for a wide array of individuals, including those starting their careers and professionals aiming to pivot into SEO. It’s ideal for anyone who aspires to become an SEO expert in Nepal, providing the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this dynamic field.

The Only SEO Course You Will Ever Need
To Scale Your SEO Career

Take a quick look at what you’ll get with this course

advanced seo training with rambabu thapa

40+ Hours of SEO lessons

Videos that teach niche selection, comparative analysis, enterprise SEO, …everything you need to know to dominate Google and scale your income.

premium seo templates and tools

SEO Templates & Tools

These powerful tools will help you streamline your SEO process and make the most of your time, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

seo checklist and sops

SEO Checklists & SOPs

Checklists & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The exact same ones that I use for my own and my client’s websites to achieve top rankings on Google.

orka socials seo mastermind

VIP SEO Facebook Group

Access to the members-only Facebook Group. Ask any question about SEO and get them answered by me, or other members of the group that have been in the SEO Space for years.

What Skills or Knowledge Do I Need Before Joining this SEO Course?

To fully benefit from our SEO course, certain foundational skills and resources are recommended. 

seo expert and trainer - rambabu thapa

What You'll Learn with this course?

You’ll learn through a series of modules that include niche selection, enterprise SEO, effective use of SEO tools, and SOPs. The course emphasizes practical skills in keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building for enhanced website performance. Let’s explore each modules in detail. 

Course Introduction: Before you Begin

advanced seo course introduction

This module provides an overview of the course structure, guiding you on how to maximize your learning experience. It covers the community rules, support systems, and methods for addressing technical issues. 

Module 1: Growth Mindset

seo growth mindset

Having the right mindset is crucial for scaling your SEO career or business growth. Success in SEO requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to continually learn and adapt to changes in the industry. It’s important to have a growth mindset, which means embracing challenges, seeing failures as opportunities for growth, and believing in your ability to improve and achieve your goals. We’ll cover the following lessons on Module 1.

Module 2: Choose & Dominate a Profitable Niche

seo niche selection guide

This module emphasizes the importance of niche selection in SEO. You’ll learn about identifying a profitable niche, becoming an expert in it, and differentiating from competitors. This focus allows for a deeper understanding of specific challenges and opportunities, leading to more effective SEO strategies and enhanced client results. Specializing also helps in building a strong reputation and becoming a thought leader in the industry.

Module 3: SEO Comparative Analysis & Reverse Engineering

seo competitor analysis

In this module, you’ll learn about Competitor Analysis in SEO, focusing on comparative analysis and reverse engineering techniques. You’ll understand how to compare your SEO performance with competitors to find improvement areas and dissect their strategies for insights. This knowledge will help you develop more effective SEO strategies for your website.

Module 4: Advanced Technical SEO

technical seo masterclass

In Module 4, we’ll cover all the aspects of advanced technical SEO. This module requires an understanding of how search engines work and skills in web development. You’ll learn about optimizing site structure and managing site migrations, all crucial for enhancing your website’s search engine performance and user experience.

Module 5: Advanced On-Page SEO

on-page seo course

You’ll learn advanced on-page SEO techniques in Module 5, focusing on keyword research, understanding search intent, and optimizing page structures and internal linking. The module emphasizes creating engaging, high-quality content while avoiding common errors like keyword stuffing and duplicate content, to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Module 6: Advanced Link Building

seo link building

Module 6 covers advanced link-building strategies, focusing on acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources. You’ll learn how to identify opportunities, create compelling content, and conduct outreach campaigns. The module also explores tactics like broken link building, guest blogging, influencer outreach, HARO, and Digital PR emphasizing ethical, white-hat SEO practices for long-term success.

Module 7: SEO for Large and Multilingual Websites

multilingual seo training

In Module 7, you’ll learn to manage SEO for large and multilingual websites, focusing on cleaning up dead-weight pages, resolving excluded pages, fixing hreflang issues, and managing multiple domains and subdomains. It also covers the creation of a Content Hub for effective SEO.

Module 8: SEO for Ecommerce Stores (WordPress and Shopify)

ecommerce seo

In this module, you’ll learn specialized eCommerce SEO strategies. This includes optimizing product and category pages, leveraging schema for rich results, effective e-commerce content planning, and techniques in Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO), all focused on enhancing visibility and sales on platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Module 9: Mastering Local SEO and Google Business Profile

local seo training

You’ll learn to optimize your online presence for local search in Module 9. This includes conducting local SEO audits, optimizing your Google Business Profile, creating geo-location pages, using local schema markup, and tracking local search rankings. These strategies aim to improve search engine rankings and attract more local traffic.

Module 10: Analytics, Goal Tracking and SEO Reporting

seo reporting guidelines

You’ll learn to track and analyze key SEO metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, backlinks, bounce rates, and conversion rates. This module focuses on presenting these metrics clearly to stakeholders, using advanced data visualization and analysis tools for data-driven decision making and continual SEO strategy improvement.

Module 10: 

Bonus 1: Practical Client Management Guidelines

seo client management

You’ll learn practical client management in the bonus module, covering communication, retention strategies, and handling challenging scenarios. This module equips you with skills to build strong client relationships, provide regular updates, and manage difficult situations with confidence.

Bonus 2: Staying Up to Date

latest seo trends

You’ll learn about adapting to the latest SEO trends, including Google Algorithm Updates, strategies for Traffic Recovery, and scaling SEO with AI. This module also guides on finding key SEO forums and experts to follow. It also outlines the next steps for advancing in your SEO career and business.

Bonus 3: Scaling your SEO Service

scaling seo income

Scaling your SEO service is a crucial step for growing your business and achieving long-term success in the industry. In this module, you’ll learn how to scale your SEO services effectively. Key areas include adopting a scaling mindset, choosing between agency or freelancer approaches, designing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), building team and delegating tasks to facilitate business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course will lasts for a month. You should allocate at least 1.5/2 hours to watch the videos and practice the lessons.

That’s a great question! I want you to be 100% happy about joining this course and get the most out of this. So you can see here who is a great fit for the course and decide if it’s you.

Absolutely not. Everything is included in the course. Dozens of ready made SEO document templates, contracts, checklists, spreadsheets, slide decks and more.

It’s one of the first trainings. You’ll get a practical process for you to be able to evaluate niches before you jump into them.

You’ll know how to rank in competitive niches. You’ll know how to monetize your skills as an SEO Specialist. And most importantly, you’ll have a set of resources to help you in case you get stuck.

We don’t wear any hats. However, we focus on Google Algorithm update safe techniques that are proven to fast track the ranking process while providing value to the end users. We don’t teach any spammy techniques that gets you in trouble.

We use certain third-party tools to perform audit and data analysis, some come with free trial and some has a smaller subscription fee.

Few of established SEO Experts from Nepal have participated in course have now started using our guides and checklists as a part of their standard operating procedure(SOP). Some are in the process of starting their own SEO Agency to scale their SEO service further.

Our Advanced SEO Training course stands out from other SEO courses in several ways.

Firstly, our course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of SEO topics that nobody is currently teaching in Nepalese SEO industry. Our expert instructors provide hands-on training, real-world examples, and case studies to ensure that you can apply what you learn to your own website or business.

Secondly, our course is geared towards experienced SEO professionals who are looking to take their skills to the next level. Our advanced curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire, and our instructors provide expert guidance and support throughout the course.

Finally, our course is constantly updated to reflect the latest trends and best practices in the ever-evolving world of SEO. Our expert instructors stay on top of the latest developments in the industry to ensure that our course content is always up to date and relevant.

Yes, the course is designed to help Nepalese SEO Professionals around the globe. So all the concepts are explained in Nepali Language.

Check out the details on each of the 10 modules and bonuses here!

Absolutely not! There’s no need to be a developer to be able to code to become a successful SEO. After all, everybody should be responsible for their part of the job.

You just need to know enough about common technical aspects of web and online publishing. The great news – you’ll learn all of it in the Advanced SEO Training course.


Once you join this course, you’ll get instant access to all the lessons inside the course.

It’s very convenient as you can go through your course and complete assignment at your own pace. There’s no need to worry that you’ll miss anything.

We used to offer in-person physical class and online classes, but course time was the main issue among the students, so we decided to serve pre-recorded training videos.

Absolutely yes!

We’re trusted by many great companies that have in-house Digital Marketing Team. They’ve covered the training cost for their employees.

Please talk to your boss and/or the accounting department.

Of course!

After the payment, you’ll get an official invoice (VAT Invoice) from Orka Socials.

You can share your company’s name and PAN details to be included (during the payment or afterwards) for accounting purposes.

No, the course is universal. The knowledge that you will get can be applied in any platform.

Because once you have the right knowledge, it’s on you to go and adjust it to Shopify, WordPress, etc.

The course length is 40+ hours.

Plus, you’d want to complete your assignments.

So it’s safe to say you’d need at least 50 hours to finish Tech SEO Pro.

Since you’ll be doing it at your own pace, you can choose the best times that work for you.

SEO Specialization Course covers all aspects of SEO, including keyword research, on-page, link building and technical and local. It’s best suitable for beginner level (who’s just starting out).

Advanced SEO Training is intermediate-advanced level and it covers advanced topics to help you build scalable career/business around SEO.

That’s understandable, we all have our busy schedule and day-to-day commitments.

The Course is recorded and consists of bite-sized lessons you can watch when you have time. Moreover, you’ll have lifetime access to it!

Still have questions? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Hear from Our SEO Students

Explore the success stories in our Advanced SEO Training testimonials, where our students share their experiences, highlighting the course’s impact on their professional journey.

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