SEO Training in Nepal for Beginners

The only SEO Course in Nepal that offers individuals across various professions a unique opportunity to master the art of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Whether you’re a student eager to secure an internship, a professional considering a career switch, or a small business owner seeking to enhance your online presence, this training is designed to meet your needs.

Who is this SEO Specialization Course for?

Our SEO Specialization Course is designed for a wide array of individuals, including those starting their careers and professionals aiming to pivot into SEO. Participants will gain hands-on experience, learn from industry experts, and leave with the confidence to implement SEO strategies that bring real results. This training is your gateway to becoming an SEO specialist, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities the digital world presents. This course is perfect for:

The Only SEO Course in Nepal that will help you
achieve your dream SEO career.

Take a quick look at what’s included in this course

seo specialization course with rambabu

168+ SEO lessons & practical assignments

Video lessons that teach all the aspect of SEO from keyword research to campaign management, …everything you need to know to rank higher. 

weekly seo coaching and mentorship

Weekly Coaching Calls and Mentorship

Access training and mentorship for life, keeping you at the forefront of SEO long after course completion including future updates.

downloadable seo checklists

Downloadable SEO Checklists & SOPs

Checklists & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The exact same ones that I use to achieve top rankings on Google.

private seo mastermind

Private SEO Facebook Community

Access to the members-only Facebook Group. Opportunity to connect with other SEO professionals and learn from their experiences. 

Benefits of joining SEO Training in Nepal with Rambabu Thapa

To fully benefit from our SEO course, certain foundational skills and resources are recommended. 

Goals of this SEO Course

The main goal of this SEO Training is to help you learn SEO to get high-paying SEO Jobs online.

Course Duration

Our course is designed to be flexible, accommodating busy schedules. You can complete it within 3 to 4 months, dedicating a few hours each week.

Course Fee Structure

We believe in providing value while ensuring affordability. Contact us for detailed fee structures and payment plans.

Download Course Outline

For a detailed course outline, please leave a message . It covers all topics, modules, and what to expect from each session.

Career Opportunities after joining SEO Training Course

Learning SEO isn’t just about acquiring a skill; it’s about adopting a growth mindset. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or an entrepreneur, investing in SEO training opens a world of opportunities.  It’s your ticket to exciting job opportunities, the freedom to work from anywhere, and the chance to be your own boss.

What Skills or Knowledge Do I Need Before Joining this SEO Course?

To fully benefit from our SEO course, certain foundational skills and resources are recommended. 

seo specialization training course

Course Overview: What You'll Learn with this course?

You’ll learn the essentials of SEO, including keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, link building strategies, and analytics. The course also covers content marketing, local SEO tactics, mobile optimization, and the use of SEO tools, preparing you for real-world SEO challenges with a comprehensive skill set.

Module 1: Before you Begin

seo specialization course introduction

You’ll learn about the course’s fundamentals in Module 1, starting with a warm welcome and an overview of what to expect. This section introduces you to the trainer, and outlines the course structure, emphasizing how to maximize your learning experience. 

Module 2: Warm Up Lessons

lessons before learning seo

You’ll understand the digital landscape, starting with the web ecosystem and the significance of different website types. The module guides you through internet and digital marketing basics, exploring various marketing strategies and their importance. You’ll learn why businesses need SEO and the reason behind the increasing demand for SEO professionals. 

Module 3: Introduction to SEO

introduction to seo course

You’ll learn the basics of SEO, its benefits, and its relevance to various learners. The module outlines key learning outcomes, emphasizes the importance of niche selection in SEO, and explains how search engines operate. You’ll also become familiar with understanding SERPs, using search commands, and getting familiar with free and premium SEO tools.

Module 4: Keyword Research Training

seo keyword research guide

You’ll learn about the significance of keywords in SEO, including how to conduct effective research and understand search intent. The module covers various keyword types, the importance of long-tail keywords, and the use of semantically related words. You’ll also discover how to utilize free and premium keyword research tools, understand keyword clustering, and learn how to map keywords to specific pages.

Module 5: Content Writing Training

seo content writing training

You’ll learn to craft SEO-friendly content, starting with a strategy overview and exploring various types of SEO content. This module guides you through creating outlines, satisfying user intent, and the stages of content creation, from prewriting to editing. It emphasizes the importance of headlines, editorial calendars, and developing hub content with topic clusters.

Module 6: On-Page SEO Training

on-page seo guide

You’ll master On-Page SEO, learning to optimize web pages for search engines and users. This includes understanding essential HTML, analyzing key on-page elements that affect rankings, and using both free and paid tools for optimization. You’ll also learn to craft SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions, properly utilize heading tags, optimize images for speed and search, and effectively implement internal linking strategies.

Module 7: Technical SEO Training

technical seo guide for beginners

In Module 7, you’ll master Technical SEO, focusing on optimizing your site’s infrastructure for better search performance. This includes understanding and applying key elements like site speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, secure connections (SSL), and structured data markup. You’ll also learn to conduct thorough technical SEO audits using a variety of tools, address common issues, all aimed at enhancing your website’s visibility and user experience.

Module 8: Off-Page SEO Training

off page seo guide

In this module, you’ll dive into Off-Page SEO, focusing on strategies beyond your website to improve its position in search rankings. You’ll learn  how to effectively build and manage backlinks using both free and premium tools. The module also covers guest post outreach, leveraging digital PR, and navigating the nuances of free versus paid links, all aimed at enhancing your site’s authority and visibility in search engines.

Module 9: Local SEO Training

local seo guide

You’ll learn to optimize your online presence for local search in Module 9. This includes conducting local SEO audits, optimizing your Google Business Profile, creating geo-location pages, using local schema markup, and tracking local search rankings. These strategies aim to improve search engine rankings and attract more local traffic.

Module 10: SEO Audit Training

seo audit guide

In this module, you’ll learn to systematically examine your website’s strategies to identify strengths and areas for improvement. You’ll explore various types of audits and competitive analysis. This comprehensive approach ensures you understand every aspect of your site’s SEO performance.

Module 11: SEO Reporting Process

seo reporting process

You’ll learn to track and analyze key SEO metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, backlinks, bounce rates, and conversion rates. This module focuses on presenting these metrics clearly to stakeholders, using advanced data visualization and analysis tools for data-driven decision making and continual SEO strategy improvement.

Module 12: SEO Project Management Training

seo project management guide

In this module, you’ll get the hang of managing SEO projects effectively. You’ll learn to set clear business targets with clients, create detailed SEO project documents, and finalize key products, services, and primary keywords. The module also guides you through planning and managing SEO campaigns, utilizing tools like Asana and Trello for efficient project oversight, ensuring you can deliver targeted results in a structured and professional manner.

Module 13: SEO Career Guide Training

seo career guide for beginners

Module 13 is all about gearing you up for a successful SEO career. You’ll acquire the knowledge to avoid common mistakes, connect with key SEO communities, and industry experts. This module will also prepare you for crafting a compelling CV and excelling in SEO job interviews. You’ll learn the importance of communication, accountability, and discipline to excel in your job while building your authority in the SEO community.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO training empowers you with the knowledge to optimize websites for better visibility and ranking in search engines. It’s a journey into understanding how search engines work and how to align your content and site structure to meet those standards, making your site more discoverable.

Absolutely, with a plethora of resources available online, you can begin a self-learning journey in SEO. However, guidance from an experienced instructor can streamline your learning process, helping you avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your progress.

Yes! you can learn SEO for free. There are free resources and tools available that can provide a solid foundation in SEO. However, investing in a comprehensive course may offer structured learning and deeper insights that free resources might not cover.

SEO qualifications usually come in the form of certifications from reputable courses or institutions. These certifications validate your knowledge and skills in SEO, demonstrating your competency to potential employers or clients.

SEO intersects with IT but is more focused on content strategy, marketing, and understanding search engine algorithms rather than traditional IT tasks. It requires both technical and creative skills.

SEO is a rewarding career, offering the opportunity to directly impact a business’s online presence and growth, with a growing demand for skilled professionals in the digital landscape.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the basics of how search engines work, keyword research, and content optimization. Following a structured course or training program can provide a clear path forward.

SEO skills are in high demand as businesses increasingly rely on online visibility for success. This trend is expected to continue, making SEO a lucrative career path.

Basic SEO can be done with minimal coding knowledge. However, understanding HTML and CSS can be beneficial for more technical SEO tasks.

While you can grasp the basics in a short time, mastering SEO takes longer due to its complexity and the constant updates in search engine algorithms. Comprehensive courses can provide a more realistic timeline for learning SEO.

An SEO certification is a formal recognition of your SEO knowledge and skills, often obtained after completing a course and passing an assessment.

You can earn an SEO certificate by completing a reputable SEO course and successfully passing the required assessments or exams.

A degree isn’t mandatory for SEO; practical experience and a solid understanding of SEO principles and tools are more critical in this field.


Once you join this course, you’ll get instant access to all the lessons inside the course.

It’s very convenient as you can go through your course and complete assignment at your own pace. There’s no need to worry that you’ll miss anything.

Practicing SEO involves applying learned strategies on websites, analyzing performance, staying updated with industry trends, and continually refining tactics based on data insights.

SEO can be a full-time career, focusing on optimizing websites for better search visibility and user engagement, crucial for businesses’ online success.

SEO roles can offer competitive salaries, reflecting the value and impact of SEO in driving online visibility and engagement.

Salaries for SEO freshers vary by location and company, but the field offers competitive compensation, reflecting the demand for skilled SEO professionals.

AI is becoming a significant tool in SEO, enhancing data analysis and decision-making. However, the creative and strategic elements of SEO likely mean it will complement rather than replace human expertise.

With the ongoing importance of digital presence, investing in SEO skills remains highly relevant and valuable, offering numerous career opportunities and advantages.

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Earn Your SEO certificate

This SEO certification is proof that you have completed SEO Specialization Training. You can use this to enhance your resume and show your expertise to potential employers or clients.

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Simply great. Definitely would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about SEO and Digital Marketing and start their career. I am very thankful to Mr. Rambabu Thapa and his team for providing such a wonderful course.
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The course contents are really of top quality. I recommend Orka Socials Academy as a best platform for learning SEO. Thank you Rambabu sir for boosting up our SEO value.
Ujjwal Maharjan
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Thank you very much for this awesome course. This course encouraged me dive deeper in the world of SEO and Digital Marketing. I have learnt multiple skills that I can use in my future projects.
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