My Journey from a Web Developer to an SEO Expert

A Personal Story of Growth and Success

My Story


Welcome to my personal story of growth and success as I transitioned from a web developer to an accomplished SEO expert in Nepal. In response to numerous requests from my SEO fans, who have asked me to share my experiences through live sessions, as well as those who are new to the field and wish to build a career in SEO, I have decided to take the time to write this article. By sharing my experiences, challenges, and insights, I hope to inspire, guide, and motivate others who want to embark on a similar path and create a thriving career in the world of SEO.

Early Days: Sparking Interest in Web Development

Upon completing my higher education, I was eager to build a career in the computer and IT industry. After completing my six-month internshipI I landed an opportunity to work as an office assistant at e-Zone International, a software development company. I received a modest salary of Rs. 5,000, but the real reward was the freedom to learn from my experienced colleagues. My helpful and proactive attitude earned me the affection of my coworkers.

I observed that the web developers at the company enjoyed a higher salary and a more luxurious lifestyle, complete with high-performing devices, accessories, and freedom from operational/administrative hassles. This piqued my curiosity and drove me to pursue web development. I approached the management with a request to assist in web development projects while helping on administrative tasks, and my request was gladly approved. This marked the beginning of my exciting journey into the world of web development.

A Life-Changing Discovery: The World of SEO

As I continued working in web development, I spent a significant amount of time on the computer, often searching for information on celebrities, athletes, and wrestlers. One day, curiosity struck, and I decided to search for my own name on Google. To my disappointment, I couldn’t find any information about myself. This led me to wonder how I could get my name to appear on Google search results.

My quest for answers introduced me to a fascinating term: “SEO – Search Engine Optimization.” I eagerly dove into learning everything I could about SEO, scouring blogs and even downloading pirated courses from torrents, as I couldn’t afford to purchase premium courses at the time.

Taking the Initiative: Embracing SEO as a Career

During my time as a content publisher, I took advantage of the opportunity to implement my newfound SEO knowledge on real projects. I diligently followed SEO guidelines while publishing content and monitored the results in search engine rankings. Nobody asked me to do SEO, I did it, because it was fun and added more confidence.

One day, I noticed that our company’s website wasn’t SEO-friendly. Excited to apply my knowledge, I created a plan to showcase the benefits of SEO and presented it to management. They asked who would handle the SEO, and I volunteered, confident in my skills.

Once approved, I optimized the website and closely tracked the results. After a few months, our improved search rankings led to a high-ticket project. The entire team applauded my efforts, a recognition I hadn’t experienced with my previous work. This pivotal moment fueled my passion for SEO and marked the beginning of my journey as an SEO expert.

Overcoming Challenges and Setbacks: Pursuing Focus and Growth

During my journey, I faced numerous challenges and setbacks that tested my determination and focus. One significant obstacle was my low salary of Rs. 5,000 per month. This, combined with my administrative responsibilities, made it difficult to dedicate my full attention to web development.

In addition to web development, I was tasked with various administrative duties, such as operating the generator during power outages (load shedding). These tasks consumed a considerable amount of time, leaving me feeling unfocused and unable to fully concentrate on my primary passion.

To address this issue, I mustered the courage to speak with the management. I proposed they hire someone to handle the administrative tasks, offering to transfer my salary to the new hire and continue working on web design without pay. This bold move demonstrated my commitment to my passion and my willingness to make sacrifices for my professional growth.

Recognizing my dedication, the management agreed to hire an administrative assistant without reducing my salary. This decision allowed me to focus on web design and development, ultimately leading to greater personal and professional satisfaction.

Memorable Projects and Clients: Paving the Way to SEO Mastery

Several pivotal projects and clients played a significant role in my growth as an SEO expert. One such project involved the marketing of a cloud-based school management software developed by my company. Eager to contribute to the software’s success, I asked management for the opportunity to handle the marketing website and its SEO.

With unwavering determination, I used multiple websites to target the main keyword and dominate the entire first page of search results in Nepal. This strategy paid off, as the software gained popularity and attracted demo requests from schools across Nepal and even abroad.

Another memorable experience was working with a SaaS company in Los Angeles for three years. This opportunity not only allowed me to apply my SEO skills but also introduced me to my mentor, Alper Cakir. Alper encouraged me to continuously learn and refine my craft. His support and guidance were invaluable, and he even gifted me the On-Page SEO course by Kyle Roof, which proved to be a game-changer in my SEO journey.

Rambabu Thapa with Orka Socials SEO Team

A Dream Realized: Founding Orka Socials and Scaling the Business

One of my most memorable accomplishments as an SEO professional was realizing my vision of running a specialized SEO agency in Nepal. I noticed that many businesses offered multiple services, and I saw an opportunity to create a niche by focusing exclusively on SEO. With a commitment to providing top-quality SEO services and generating employment in Nepal, I founded Orka Socials.

As the agency grew, I built a dedicated team that allowed me to delegate tasks and free up time to share my knowledge online, primarily through Facebook. This online presence led to an influx of thank-you messages from grateful individuals and businesses seeking SEO services, which further fueled the growth of my business.


Giving Back: Offering Free SEO Training and Empowering Others

The idea of offering free SEO training came to me during the COVID-19 lockdown when people were confined to their homes, and many had lost their jobs. My business continued to grow during the pandemic, as everything shifted online and the demand for SEO services increased more than ever. I saw an opportunity to package my knowledge into a training program and offer it for free, enabling individuals to earn a living while working from home. 

Many people who completed my free beginner’s SEO training found success in various ways. Some started freelancing careers and began earning three to four times their previous income. Agency owners who took the course expanded their services to include SEO, while small business owners applied their newfound skills to optimize their websites, leading to increased calls and inquiries for their services. 

Additionally, some students used the knowledge gained from my training to scale their blogging journey, taking their online income to new heights. The success stories of these individuals inspire me to continue giving back and making a meaningful impact in the lives of others.


Lessons Learned: The Power of Focus and Continuous Learning

Throughout my career, I’ve experienced several transitional moments, but I never stopped learning. One of the most important lessons I learned is the power of focusing on a single skill and mastering it. While it’s tempting to try and learn everything, doing so can leave you as a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none. This lack of expertise can lead to a lack of confidence in your abilities and ultimately affect your income.

In my journey, I dabbled in web design, web development, graphic design, UI/UX, app development, SEO, content writing, social media marketing, digital advertising, and more. However, I soon realized that I couldn’t excel in everything. I made the difficult decision to focus solely on SEO, letting go of the other skills I had acquired. This choice paid off, as I started seeing positive results in my career and earning more money doing what I truly loved.

As a family man raising a newborn, I’ve realized the importance of striking a balance between professional and personal life. Focusing on one skill and doing what you love brings a sense of accomplishment and happiness, enabling you to achieve more while working less. Life is not solely about career and work; it’s essential to make time for loved ones and create lasting memories. Time is like a river – it never flows backward, and you have only one life to make the most of it.

My advice is to concentrate on one thing and master it. Becoming incredibly efficient in your chosen field means you can solve problems in minutes that would take others hours. This efficiency will grant you more free time to pursue hobbies, personal interests, and, most importantly, spend quality time with your family.

Balancing Professional and Personal Life


My journey from Web Developer to SEO expert has been a rollercoaster of challenges, growth, and success. As I look back at my journey, I realize that the key to success lies in mastering one skill, focusing on your passion, and continuously learning. It’s important to overcome challenges and setbacks, have mentors, and strike a balance between professional and personal life.

I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, the people who have supported me, and the impact I have been able to create in the community through my free SEO training. And I am excited to see what the future holds as I continue to learn, grow, and give back.

To all the SEO fans who have been asking me to share my journey over live sessions, and to those who are just starting out on their own path to success, I hope this article has inspired and motivated you. Keep learning, keep growing, and never give up on your dreams. And if you’re interested in learning more about SEO, I invite you to join my free SEO training and embark on your own journey of growth and success.

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